Cine Film

Cine film to dvd, cine film transfer

Cine film transfer

The very thing that started Pennylane Video off back in 1985. Whilst the way we transfer cine film has changed over the years, its always been for the better. Click on the pic to take you to all the info you need.

Cine Film Transfer, 8mm film transfer, 16mm film transfer, Cine film to USB, Cine film to Files. Cine film Frame Scanning, Cine film to DVD.

Video Tape Transfer

Video to Dvd, camcorder tapes to DVD

Video tape transfer

Including camcorder tape transfer To Files, USB or DVD. We cover all the formats, vhs to dvd, video 8, digital 8, hi 8, vhsc, svhs, Minidv. Click the pic and we will take you to our informative page on video transfer..

video to usb, video to dvd, video to files, camcorder tapes to dvd, camcorder tapes to USB

Phones and Tablets Memory Cards

Memory Cards

Phones and Tablets, Memory Cards

Of all types and Hard drive camcorders, Phones or Tablets can also be transferred to a more watchable format, be that dvd, or computer files & USB. Click the image to take you to more info on Memory card transfer to dvd. Got a computer thats broken & there are images & videos on the hard drive, we may be able to help.

Memory Card transfer, Memory card to Usb, Phone to Usb stick, Tablet to USB stick, Files to DVD

Audio Transfers

Audio Conversion

Audio cassette tapes, Reel To Reel, Vinyl, Dictaphone

Then I can’t help you I’m afraid. I’m video only. But I know a man that can, my brother Gary, has been transferring audio for many years. Give him a call on 01395 274557.

His Website is